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Montego Bay Highlight Tour

Montego Bay Highlight Tour

The Montego Bay Highlight Tour includes the following stops but can be customized to your preference :
1. Usually the first stop on the  Highlight Tour is at the historic Sam Sharpe Square, located in the heart of downtown Montego Bay and is named after one of Jamaica’s national heroes, Samuel Sharpe, who led the Jamaican Baptist War Slave Rebellion that began on December 25, 1831. 
2. Next tourists will be driven around the second city to various cultural local attractions, including the Richmond Hill Inn, which sits 500 feet above the bustling city. The Richmond Hill Inn was an 18th Century plantation house that in the 1790’s was owned by the Dewars’ of Scotch Whisky fame. 
3.  The next stop on the Montego Bay Highlight Tour is a local Jamaican Jerk spot where you can purchase delicious Jamaican jerk chicken or pork with rice and peas, festival and and other authentic dishes and beverages made from local fruits and vegetables.
4.  The fourth stop is a local craft market where you can find and purchase Jamaican craft items and souvenirs such as craft jewelry, mugs, t-shirts and wood carvings. As well as chit-chat with the local craftspeople. 
5.  Our final stop on the tour is the world famous Margaritaville, where you can relax and enjoy various activities and services at your own expense.  Swimming and other water activities (i.e. trampolines, slides, etc) as well as food, drinks and music are available.        

   **Quoted prices are from negril and are for 1-3 persons ( each additonal person is $20 USD **
​**Quoted prices do not include entrance fees**
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