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Mayfield Falls Tour

Mayfield Falls Tour

Mayfield falls is only a 1-hour drive from Negril and 1½- hours from Montego Bay. This nature lover’s paradise may not be as popular as some of the others but it is gaining its fair share of recognition. Mayfield falls consist of two stunning waterfalls and twenty one (21) natural pools in an ecotourism setting. Here you will find about 50 species of ferns, an array of exotic tropic flowers visited by the colorful butterflies which seems to be ubiquitous. 
Mayfield Falls is one of Jamaica’s many waterfalls which cascades down though one of its many mountains. Originating out of the Dolphin Head mountains, Mayfield Falls is a wealth of Mother Nature. Situated in Glenbrook Westmoreland it is centrally located within two of Jamaica’s premium resort towns.
This is a perfect place to interact with nature while enjoying an event. Mayfield Falls is popular for nature walks, company retreats and other special events. In fact if you need some time to meditate and be one with the universe then Mayfield Falls would be that place. Relax in one of the many hammocks at the Mayfield Falls and get your spiritual healing.
This nature village is child friendly where children always have a grand time. There is also a petting zoo, with ducks and geese. Cultural events happen on a Wednesday and a Friday when Jamaican folk singers perform traditional songs. This nature lover’s paradise called Mayfield Falls is truly a gem. Even for some who are not too appreciative of nature after visiting the Mayfield Falls, began exploring their softer side. If you are vacationing on the western side of Jamaica then Mayfield Falls should be on your itinerary.
The natural beauty, the calmness, the fresh mountain breeze saturates the atmosphere allowing you to experience its rich and true splendor. The off shoot of this works even better as you could enjoy all of what Mayfield Falls have to offer in total tranquility. Mayfield Fall has a large picnic area in the form of huts.

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**Quoted prices are from negril and are for 1-3 persons ( each additonal person is $20 USD **
​**Quoted prices do not include entrance fees**
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