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Dolphin Cove Tour

Dolphin Cove
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Come swim with us
Swim with the Dolphins
Dolphin Cove Tour
Dolphin Cove Negril Jamaica
Dolphin Cove Jamaica
The experience of a life time Dophin Cove

Did you know that swimming with dolphins is considered one of the top 10 bucket list items? When you come to Dolphin Cove Jamaica you not only get a chance to live this dream; you have the opportunity to knock off a few more, like ride a camel and interact with stingrays. Here it’s the place where you come for the day but remember for a lifetime. 

One of the many things that makes Dolphin Cove Jamaica special is that you can live the experience of swimming with dolphins in the natural Caribbean Sea. Here they have the opportunity to enjoy the company of many different fish, rays, and other forms of natural sea life. Dolphin Cove Jamaica is the place to spend the day enjoying lots of fun activities. There is something for everyone! 

Dolphin Cove Jamaica is full of natural wonders and beauty you gotta see it for yourself! Like in Dolphin Cove in Hanover where you’ll enjoy strolling around in the Jungle Trail, where you will notice many different wild animals, plants and trees. At Dolphin Cove Jamaica we respect the environment of all the species, here you will live the most natural experience you’ve ever had.

**Quoted prices are from negril and are for 1-2 persons ( each additonal person is $20 USD )**

**Quoted prices do not include entrance fees**

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